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About Us

Peter and his Family moved to Mira Road in 1991 from another sister church of Bombay Baptist Church plant in Mulund and were members of Victorious Community Church from 1991. Prior to Mulund they were members of Bombay Baptist Church, Colaba from 1988.

Light of Life Community Church was planted in April 2007 by pastor Peter from Victorious Community Church with the help of VCC and then Pastor late Sree Kumaran Nair. Two other families from the church who lived in Mira Road also moved with them while the church was planted. This church was Charismatic with the influence of WOF, NAR and prosperity ideologies.

Mario was appointed as Pastor on 29 May 2016 by BBC in agreement with the local church. He had by now through God's sovereign grace changed in his soteriology and had started reading church history and digging into reformed truths, he had started to teach expositional sermons from the basics he knew how to.

We have transited from being a church that is driven by culture and the latest trends and false movements to a church that believes and trusts God's word. This transition meant we could not be a part of the ministry we were associated with since doctrinally we were very different and the Gospel was at stake. For the sake of the Gospel in obedience to God's word Light of Life Community Church formally left GMI as a Church with 100% majority agreement of it's then attendees/members in 18 August 2018. This move was not easy but necessary for the preservation and truth of the Gospel.

We believe in the importance of expository preaching and teach topically only when needed.

We believe that the Gospel is often misunderstood and misrepresented by the church at large and therefore we have made it necessary to understand it and through the strength of the Holy Spirit strive to apply it to our lives and to share it with others.

We are a Reformed Baptist Church which is confessional.

We are all from different backgrounds and cultures but unite in Christ and his Word. Our identity is found in Him.

Our Leaders:

Teaching Elder/Pastor

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