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The Gospel

The Greatest True Story Ever Told...

In the beginning, God created this world good and peaceful and offered man the opportunity of unbroken fellowship with Himself – for His glory. However, things went wrong for mankind. Through one man’s disobedience, man fell from the joyful state of fellowship with God. Sin entered the hearts of man, and the world became twisted and fractured. The harmony and peace that creation once enjoyed were damaged by sin and broken in disrepair.


God is Just and Holy, He cannot allow sin and the sinner to go unpunished therefore his wrath abides on all mankind because of the inherent Adamic sin and the outward actual sin.

Still at the same time, God has patiently and purposefully continued the story of redemption. God sent His only Son, Jesus, Who came and lived a perfect, sinless life that man could never live and offered Himself as a sacrifice for sinners on the cross. He died the death that sinful man deserved. A righteous man in the place of sinful men.  

Jesus endured God’s wrath on himself on behalf of sinful men. It was a dark and horrendous moment of suffering and death, yet peace, beauty and hope burst forth as Christ rose three days later from the grave. Jesus rose again from the dead and overcame sin and death. That which was broken God restored through his Son.

Through Christ, man is offered restoration and reconciliation. God takes what is broken and makes it new. He invites sinful people into relationship with Himself and into the newness of life which can be found in Christ alone.


Those who put their trust in Him will be called children of God and heirs to His kingdom and will be in eternity with Him.

All who choose to reject Christ and stay outside of this offering of restoration, who do not want to repent of their sin are still under the wrath of God. This wrath will be poured out on them in the final judgement after they die when they stand before a Holy, Righteous and Just God. They will spend eternity away from God in Hell in eternal torment.

Yet what God starts, He will bring to completion, and we pray that you would be woven into this narrative. If you feel convicted of your sin, and His love for you and want a restored relationship with Him – turn to Him in repentance and prayer. Ask God to forgive you of your sins. Put your trust in Him alone for your righteousness not your works but the work He accomplished on the cross to redeem and save you. Repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

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