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The Five Solas

The Five Pillars Of Reformation

The “five solas” is a term used to designate five great foundational rallying cries of the Protestant reformers. These “five solas” were developed in response to specific perversions of the truth that were taught by the corrupt Roman Catholic Church. Today much of Protestantism has seen a regress to many of the same corruptions, in many circles and denominations. It is a pressing need for Christians everywhere to reaffirm and champion anew the “five solas” which underlay and gave impetus to the Protestant Reformation.

Sola Scriptura

The Bible is the only infallible and sufficient rule for governing issues of life and doctrine.

Sola Gratia

Our Justification and Salvation are both solely by the sovereign grace of God and not dependent on any action or condition man provides

The Five Solas

Sola Christus

Because Jesus is the only mediator between God and man, salvation is only possible by his death and resurrection

Sola Fide

Our Justification before God is by faith in Christ alone, and not by works.

Soli Deo


All glory and honor is due to God alone

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